In need of lock repair in Amsterdam?

We are an experienced locksmith and can help you with the repair of your lock. No matter what kind of lock you have, we can help you. Is your lock damaged due to a burglary attempt? Or does your lock have trouble opening or closing? We always try to repair the lock first, but if repair is no longer possible, we replace it.

Victim of a burglary (attempt)

Burglars break down locks and doors. Are you the victim of a burglary? We fix your door and lock immediately, so that you can lock your door again. Sometimes burglars do not succeed in breaking and entering, but the attempt can break down your lock anyway. Even then we can help you with lock repair immediately.

Key stuck in the lock?

It happens with old keys or locks: the key gets stuck in the lock. You can try to spray some lock spray on it, but if you’re locked outside when it happens you probably do not have some spray with you. Call us and we get the key out in no time with our newest tools and equipment.

If repair is no longer possible, we will replace the lock. We help you with all your lock problems in and around Amsterdam.